Ett nytt spännande design koncept, från AVEAform. Tillverkad i skickt limmat lövträd. Pallen består av tre blad som stöder sig mot varandra. Med en svagt skålad sits med en skön sitt komfort. Elegant, tidlös design med hållbarhet i fokus.

Design by Jonas Kvist


Working on a new design project at AVEAform.

Designed with as few components as possible. With its unique composition, no fittings or screws in foreign materials will be needed, a step in the right direction to save resources and the environment that is in line with AVEAform’s basic idea.
Create sustainable furniture with a design that stands the test of time.


Have just started exploring the possibilities of photography, love the natural light.  Incredibly satisfying to search for the perfect image

Foto: Jonas Kvist