JK137 Pallstege

Ny design på en Pallstege börjar ta form i prototyp-verkstaden. Mer info kommer inom kort ,🌱💚

JK137 Pallstege / Design by Jonas Kvist


Have just started exploring the possibilities of photography, love the natural light.  Incredibly satisfying to search for the perfect image

Foto: Jonas Kvist


Take the time to dream away on a bench in the shade of a tree 🌱💚

photo: Jonas Kvist

JK135 Wingtable (model 1)

Wing table with legs inspired by the shape of an aircraft wing, to get a powerful yet light impression. Table top consists of three wood boards with a slightly rounded profile on the sides. Wing table are made entirely of solid wood with a surface finish of Osmo hard wax oil ”Matt finish”

Size: 3000x1000mm

JK135 Wingtable / design by Jonas Kvist 2020